Saturday, November 6, 2010

OOTD: Buoyant but Bored

Today was the slowest, most boring day EVER at work!

I much prefer when work is busy because the day just flies by. Also, since I get paid by the hour, on slow days I have quite a predicament:

Do I give up and drive home 45 minutes immediately, even though I've only worked an hour? Or do I sit around being bored for another couple of hours just to make it worth the trip?


Today I ended up getting all wrapped up in a huge project that I've been putting off forever, and stayed a couple of hours longer than I would have even normally intended! Double yuck.

Anyway, at least I'm feeling good about my outfit today! I think I finally accomplished one of my fashion goals completely by accident!

I love looks that are blousy on top and fitted on the bottom, but I've been having trouble figuring out the proportions. Yesterday, my latest Anthropologie order arrived, including my Found Foliates Tank and Buoyant Bunches Cardi in wine. They don't *really* match (the leaves on the top are dusty rose, purple, black, teal, and bright blue), but I thought the pieces still look cute together. The slim-fit pants and mid-calf boots keep my bottom half looking long and lean, and the scarf draws attention to my face. I'm learning, guys!

The Found Foliates Tank is not at all what I expected, but I fell in love with it after trying it on. It's super soft jersey and has a flowy fit. I got my regular size Medium. The straps are actually ribbon, and the ends  have to be tied in the back (they slide through the fabric back of the shirt), sort of like a halter top. So you'd need to wear a strapless bra to wear it alone. The bow makes the back a bit bulgy under a layer, but not too bothersome.

The Buoyant Bunches Cardigan is a Medium, and it's pretty fitted, but I wouldn't size up since it doesn't need to close. The sleeves are about 3 inches past my elbow, so this couldn't be a top layer in the winter. It's more of an early-fall layer. It's very casual, and I think when it wears out (hopefully, not too soon), this cardigan could definitely serve double-duty as a lounging-around cover-up with a little pizzazz.

I also added my Simply Sketched Pants, which are sold out online but are showing up in my Wishlist priced at a second cut of $19.95. Wowzers! Also, my mid-calf brown Tommy Hilfiger boots and a pashmina my mom got for me when she went to the Mediterranean.

For being such a boring day, things got much more exciting later tonight when Husband and I went to see BILL COSBY! It was really great. I'll try to write up a post this weekend to give you more of the details! In the meantime, goodnight and pleasant dreams! :)

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  1. A lovely look! Hurray for pashminas from Turkey!