Tuesday, November 2, 2010

OOTD: Clearance Shopper

I hope you all had a fabulous Halloween!

As for me, my Halloween was pretty much identical to the way it is every year. I get really excited and fill decorated treat bags with candy and toys, and then I spend the entire night staring out my window looking for nonexistent trick-or-treaters. It's pretty sad, actually.

For some reason, Husband and I thought maybe this year we'd have a surge in kiddies, but we had about twenty, which is pretty much our standard number here. We live in a really old neighborhood----and no, I don't mean old houses----and there just aren't that many kids to start with. Plus, our neighbors are all complete stick-in-the-muds, and don't even stay home on Halloween night. Last year, I had several groups of kids walk RIGHT. PAST. my house, while I stared longingly out the window.

This year, I promised that would never happen again, so I stocked up on lots of decorations for the outside of our house. We even strung orange Halloween lights around our lamp post.
Mr. Bones wears the desperation well, don't you think?
We still had at least one group of kids run right past our house again. Geez. What more can I do. At least the kids that did trick-or-treat at our house were completely adorable, so that helped a little. I ended up giving most of our leftover treat bags to Husband, who in turn gave them to all his co-workers. Sigh. I keep telling myself that I am slowly building a fan base for our neighborhood so it might take a few years to get the word out. LOL.

So, anyway, this is my outfit from Monday, when I went to all the after-Halloween sales with my dad. Um, but they were pretty lousy. I am not at all embarrassed to say that we hit five different stores, but all I left with was a fake pumpkin and three packages of treat bags. LAME! Prices just weren't as fantastic as I was hoping, and nothing was jumping out at me anyway.

Old Navy cashmere hoodie; Free People Cable Beanie; Muted Garden Henley in Mauve; Black Keds; Limited jeans
Oh, well. The good news is that otherwise I had a really great weekend--including lots of belated birthday festivities. And in short, let me just say that my family rocks! I got the greatest presents this year, and I'm so excited to use all my new goodies and introduce them on my blog. :)


  1. Whew! I am glad to see a new post- I was worried that post-Halloween depression would give you writer's block!

  2. Aw the same thing happens at our house. Since we're a dead end, people rarely take the effort to walk all the way down to our house for like two pieces of candy. Eventually those people will sell their houses though and then you'll be the Queen of Halloween!

    I'm glad you had a good birthday. We had so much fun shopping/tracking things down!