Thursday, November 11, 2010

OOTD: Crazy Cat Lady

That's right. I'm the Crazy Cat Lady. Pleasure to meet you.

This is the first time I've worn my Victorian Valentine skirt, which I bought on sale way back in July. It's not that I didn't like it---in fact, quite the opposite, I *loved* this skirt the second I tried it on. I just don't reach for skirts in my closet very often. This was a real risky buy because when I first spotted this skirt I was simultaneously intrigued and horrified. The shape seemed flattering enough, but it was truly the borderline-psychotic pattern that drew me in.

It's got flowers.

It's got feathers.

It's got cherries.

It's got cherubs.

It's got mirrors.

Oh, yeah.....and it's got cats.

But, seriously, look at this picture and tell me that you see any of those things!!! It just looks like a really colorful blob pattern, doesn't it? LOL. 

Old Navy scarf; Limited grey tee; Miz Mooz boots; Victorian Valentine skirt;
Coach purse gifted from my sister!; J.Crew boiled wool sweater 
Speaking of crazy cat ladies, I actually wore this outfit yesterday and meant to post it last night. But I got mad at my husband after work and started stomping around the house looking for my laptop, which I couldn't find. So clearly he had stolen it. But, oh, no, I wouldn't give him the satisfaction of asking where it was, so instead, I lay in bed with the puppies and watched House reruns all night.

And of course, while getting ready for bed, I moved a big pile of skirts and *poof* there was my laptop underneath.

Crazy Cat Lady, indeed...

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  1. I saw that skirt in my store a thousand times and never once noticed the crazy patterns. Unless someone gets all up in your business, I think you're fine (and if that happens, you've got bigger issues than cats on your skirt!) LOL

    I like it paired with that J. Crew sweater - I rememer when you bought it! Yay for sisters shopping!