Monday, November 29, 2010

OOTD: Layers upon Layers

Today at 10:30 AM when I left for work, my outfit seemed like an OK idea. Unfortunately, seven hours later when I left my office, my toes were frozen, my dress was staticky, and I inadvertently turned my jacket sleeve into a tourniquet because my arm was bent for 20 minutes holding my cell phone up to my ear. But, hey, at least my hair improved over the course of the day! Yay for positivity!

I meant to take a picture without my jacket on, but my camera is kinda wonky at the moment, and Husband says we need to send it off to the manufacturer to get it fixed. And anyway, my office is super cold and I didn't take off my jacket all day so really, I'm just being faithful to my fashion text. Yay for transparency!

(LOFT dress, Very Volatile Warrior booties,
Berry Bush tights, LOFT purple cardigan,
Circle Game Belt, Bolton's brown leather jacket,
Kohl's nude half-slip, LOFT grey tee,
old plaid scarf)
Surprisingly, I think all the patterns I mixed go pretty well together (the tights; the dress; the scarf), probably because they've all got the same color purple in them. I did not, however, feel as confident mixing my neutrals today. It's hard making sure you don't look too "matchy-matchy," but on the other end of the spectrum, also making sure you don't look like a crazy cat lady.

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