Saturday, November 20, 2010

OOTD: Starbucks BOGO

Today I went shopping with my mom. We checked out LOFT's Friends & Family 30% event, but, what can I say? Meh. I just get so frustrated with their pricing shenanigans that I never feel good about making purchases there anymore. I just dread the next time I check my e-mail and see some "even-better" deal starting tomorrow.

Instead, we spent the bulk of our cash at The Limited today, where my mom bought some really pretty colored tops (including this cobalt blue one) and I found this adorable fur-lined puffer vest. Of course, we were still not immune to the pricing shenanigans. I paid full price (::heart attack::) but *supposedly* this will be rectified on Monday. Only time will tell.

After our strenuous day of shopping, we tried some seasonal pumpkin pretzels at Pretzelmaker-Pretzel Time (drizzled in caramel---yum!) and then we went to Starbucks for their special on holiday drinks. The buy-one-get-one-free special began Thursday and ends Sunday; it's at participating stores from 2-5 pm. Today is my third straight day of peppermint white mochas. YUM!

(Banana Republic cardigan; River Bow Necklace; Simply Sketched Pants; Old black boots; J.Crew black perfect-fit crewneck tee; Free People black beanie; Starbucks Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha)


  1. So the vest is getting marked down on Monday? I'm confused!

    I like this sweater and I've been looking at the J.Crew tees lately. I feel like I need some basic ones for under-layering and winterizing some of my sleeveless stuff. And you are too funny for linking your latte!

  2. *SUPPOSEDLY* they will honor my coupon retroactively on Monday. I have my doubts, though....

    And I love the J.Crew tees! They're pricey, but you can tell the difference in quality. They're quite thick.