Thursday, November 18, 2010

Real Thang vs. Knockoff: Anthropologie Curly Top Cardigan

Since I've been limiting my online shopping to a few select stores recently, I haven't been spotting as many knockoffs, but this one caught my eye while mourning my beloved shorts at Talbots.

Today, I found a great discount code at Fabulous Florida Mommy for 25% off and free shipping, but OF COURSE my shorts have sold out in my size. I blogged about them here. Oh well, back to the drawing board...

In the meantime, on to the knockoff. I really loved the Curly Top Cardigan at Anthropologie (especially the blue!), but I missed out on it when it hit sale and I dawdled. Talbots has a similar version called the Rosette Cardigan on sale for $69.99 (before the discount!). The Rosette Cardigan is not nearly as dramatic with the ruffles, and seems more classic than quirky, but that blue! Love it.... Besides blue bell, the sweater also comes in soft violet, mist heather, black, and ivory. Also, it looks like the Talbot rosettes only go down the entire length of the sweater on the button-hole side, which could be an issue when wearing it unbuttoned.

The Real Thang:

The Knock-Off:

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  1. Thanks for the heads up on the sale/coupon! I hadn't seen that blog!

    I also noticed that the Ruffled Tweed Skirt looks a bit like the Luminous Graphite Skirt which I was terribly in love with, but ran small and stopped at size 12. ARG!