Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Anthro Reviews: Deuxhill Cowlneck, Pointedly Skirt, Florist's Arrangement Sweaterdress, Je Ne Sais Scarf Tee, Wily Sweater

::biggggg strrrrrrrretch...::

That's right.

I'm back, folks.

And I'm ready to flex my blogging muscles after a relaxing week of merriment and atrophy.

Well, sort of ready. The truth is that I think I might have pink eye (what am I, eight years old?). So although I got all spiffied up today in my Peppered & Striped skirt and Wish You Were Here Cardi, I regrettably did not take any pictures.

Instead, I have some Anthro fitting room reviews. Because---yay!----over Christmas vacation, I got to go shopping at Anthropologie with my mom, sister, and grandma. It was so fun to be in the store with them, and we all came away with armfuls of goodies. Of course, my fitting room reviews tend to be slightly irrelevant to the rest of the shopping world (since I like to surf the sale rack for golden oldies), but lest I lose my blogging groove again, let's get to it:

Oh, how long will this dress languish in the sale section? It's gotten crummy reviews, but I thought its alleged flaws might actually work for my figure. I was kinda right. The pleats around the hips give me the illusion of an hourglass figure, and the scoop neckline and floral applique draw the attention up to my face. The fabric is soft and has a nice, subtle jacquard. All in all, I really liked this dress, and husband liked the picture, too. But Mom and Sister both thought the color washed me out. Even with the add'l 25% off, I won't bite, but if it gets a second cut, I'll probably jump on this.
Yay! I went back and forth stalking this cardigan online, and eventually I raised the white flag. But then I found  my sister found a Size Medium hiding in the sale rack! Rejoice! It's ridiculously cute, and the foxes are so subtle that they just look like polka dots from far away. I love how the sweater has two layers so you can either wear the top layer buttoned (like above) or unbuttoned (which reveals a red striped vest-like layer). The length is nice and long. The only negative is that my sister has also been stalking this sweater, and she gave me the stink-eye when I decided to buy it. :) Love ya sis! Underneath the sweater, I'm wearing the deuxhill cowlneck (see below....).
Deuxhill Cowlneck ($88
I loved the purple color online, because I wanted to recreate Anthro's recent catalog look with a purple top and the Peppered & Striped skirt. Unfortunately, they only had a size 8 in purple which was way too big. I like the versatility of the cowlneck and the drape of the shirt, but I definitely needed to get a size 6. I ended up kind of being indifferent to the purple color. The fabric was silky and very comfy.
Enter Size 6 Navy! I really only brought this in the dressing room for sizing, but I ended up really liking the pattern. In the store, they had a display with this top and a long dark fuchsia cardigan, which looked so pretty. There are several buttons on the cowlneck so that you can wear it as more of a funnel-neck or a flat collar. I ended up taking this one home with me!

This was another experiment based on bad reviews. My sister tried on this skirt (see her review here), and even though I liked it on her, she was not a fan. Since I am loving the A-line, longer length skirt trend of the moment, I thought I'd give this a try and hope that its flare might fake me some good old fashioned hips. And, it did! This is a Size 8, and it was snug but comfortable; I might be OK or even happier with a size 10; I'm not sure. When I first tried on the skirt, I looked down and exclaimed to myself, "Why is there a gigantic hole in the middle of this skirt?" Oh....I then's the pocket.....After a few tugs, I was back on track and loving this skirt. I hope to pick this up on sale if it's still around.
I really loved this shirt. I only tried on the neutral motif for sizing purposes (it was the only available size medium....again, I was initially interested in the purple colorway). But once I had this on, I loved the colors. The scarf around my neck adds some color to my face so I'm not washed out, and the beige shirt (yes, it's regrettably completely see-through) is a nice neutral. So it's like the best of both worlds. I put this back on the rack, fully intending to stalk it online, only to later find that it was sold out online in all of the colorways in size medium. YEEPS! I freaked out and did my first charge-send by calling a store in Dallas, TX, and they are very graciously sending me one. 


  1. ARG the stink eye continues. You'd better love that cardigan and wear the heck out of it! :P

    So did you order that sweater in the purple or the beige? I really did like it and with a tank, it should be totally fine!

    Yay for Anthro shopping together!!

  2. ahahahah! i will wear it and love it---i promise!

    i got the beige color that i tried on, but if it goes on sale, i might cave and try to seek out the purple, too! :)