Friday, December 10, 2010

I Spy Anthropologie: Yuma Cardigan

I was recently browsing through People's "Star Tracks" feature and found this picture of Blake Lively, in what appears to be the Yuma Cardigan, currently available at Anthropologie!

And it can be yours for a mere three hundred and ninety-eight dollars----eeks! Click here to view the image of Blake (because I freaked myself out by actually *reading* People's website terms of use....)

Anyhow, People's image reproduction policy may not give me that warm, fuzzy feeling, but I bet this blanket-like sweater sure does! (badum-ching!)

Happy Friday night!

Yuma Cardigan ($398) by Cynthia Vincent


  1. That sweater is cute enough but that fact that it's called the Yuma Sweater makes it impossible for me to not imagine Christian Bale and Russell Crowe running around in it! LOL

  2. ...or maybe Michael J. Fox playing Clint Eastwood in "Back to the Future III."

    A quick glance at the price under the photo made me think it said $39 and I thought to myself, "not a bad price for such a comfy-looking sweater." Whoa, Nelly! Apparently Blake Lively thought the same thing when she saw the real price!

  3. hahahahha ya'll made me laugh! yeehah! :)