Saturday, December 4, 2010

OOTD: First Snow

Today we had the first substantial snow of the season. Yay!

My mom and I went Christmas shopping earlier this morning, and the good news is that she found almost everything on her gift list. The bad news? I only purchased one gift, and then realized that I forgot to include about four people on my list in the first place, so I actually made negative progress. I'm awesome like that.

These photos are not the best in the world, but I am blogging them because they have a good back-story.

Husband and I were at Dunkin Donuts getting our pumpkin lattes earlier today, and I was telling him about how I'll never really have a good blog because all the really popular bloggers take gorgeous pictures in exotic-looking locales, usually with their photographer husbands. (I know, right?---whine, whine, whine) But, anyway, he immediately stopped the car in the back of the parking lot and said, "Let's do this. Give me your phone."

He's so sweet! And, what can I say about the experience? Well, it was about as awful as I imagined it would be! LOL. Husband left the car on and running, I ran to my spot in front of an empty field and stood awkwardly for a minute or so while he snapped two quick shots. Then we dashed back into the car and sped off like a bunch of no-good troublemakers.

(Old grey coat, LOFT striped scarf, LOFT white tee, AE navy v-neck sweater, 
J.Crew toothpick cords in ochre, Miz Mooz boots)

Three cheers for awkward fun with Husband! Maybe this photo-taking thing just takes a little practice.....or a little talent.....or just a whole lotta chutzpah! 

I'm working on it.... :) 

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  1. Wow can't believe you guys got snow already!

    It was heading our way early this morning but I think it's warmed up enough that we're in the clear for now.

    I'm excited to take my blog on the road too and do some "on location" photo shoots! Yay!