Thursday, December 9, 2010

Reviews: Shoes, Shoes, and Shoes

I'm in quite a pickle here, readers.

I have been trying to be more thoughtful with my shoe purchases lately, and it's working! Unfortunately for my wallet, that means all the pairs sitting on my living room floor seem really great! The difference between the pros and cons of each pair is quite diminutive and therefore difficult to put into words or quantify.

Even worse is that with my last Endless order, I used a discount with a tiered minimum purchase amount ($100 off $300; $60 off $200; $30 off $100), so I have to be financially savvy, too, when deciding what stays and what goes.

I bought these boots, along with the black Anne Klein Ladell, a few months ago, thinking they'd both serve the same purpose so I'd pick one. But I like them both! The Ladell is suede and dressier; I've already worn them several times and still love them.. But I've been hanging onto this boot still because it's a little bit rocker-chick, cheaper, and more casual because it's made of faux leather. I sized down a half-size (from 9 to 8.5) because of the reviews, and they fit well. No complaints. They're comfortable enough. But the height worries me----perhaps it cuts my leg off at an unflattering point?
 Gola Women's Harrier Suede Sneaker, Green/White, Size 9
Honestly, I started searching for colored sneakers to reach the minimum purchase amount I needed for my discount. I found this brand (Gola), and was intrigued. Unfortunately, most of the colors I was drawn to were sold out.  This was the only color left that I even remotely liked. My reasoning was that if I'm going to always reach for comfortable shoes, they might as well have some personality.  These are very comfortable, look really well-made, but they're so bright! They weren't cheap, so I think maybe I could find a pair cheaper that I really love.
 NineWest Women's Snowdrift Oxford, Grey Suede, Size 9
I loved these shoes online in blue (the style looks similar to a shoe sold at Anthro last season). But I figured that grey would be more versatile. I think these could be a real workhorse pair of shoes in my closet: they'd go with practically everything, be comfortable enough, and still have a heel to elongate my legs. When Husband first saw them, he said they made my feet look really small---and not in a good way, he thought they made my feet look really nubby, lol. I like the way these shoes tie very tightly (the lace comes through the side flaps of the shoe, so when you tie them tight, the flaps sit very snugly against your ankle. In other words, the opening is not rigid so there's no annoying gap.)

I have been sitting on this pair for a while and unsure about whether they'd actually do what I want them to do. I would like to wear these under jeans and with bare legs in the spring/summer, maybe with some chunky socks and short skirts. These fit well and are comfy, but the calf opening is very wide. I know that's the style and all, but could I get over it? If I get these, I would force myself to give up my rejuvenated love affair with the Nine West Peroxy (which I reviewed here in tan, then returned, and now decided I DO need in dark green).
I discovered these shoes first on Kendi Everyday. On Endless, the shoes got horrible reviews, but I figured I'd try them out anyway. And they are definitely cute. I've never worn wedges like these so they're a bit puzzling, but comfortable enough to stand and walk in. I sized up a half-size (from 9 to 9.5) because of the reviews, but they're a little loose in the opening. Otherwise they fit fine, so maybe it's the price you pay for a good fit everywhere else. These are simultaneously fashion-forward and old-standby, and I'm sure they would be very versatile, but are they too chunky?
These I am definitely keeping, because I wore them the other day! As you may already know, I have been searching for a good oxford for a few months now. These are very menswear-inspired, and even though they have lace-holes, there are no laces. So they have a nice casual feel. They were incredibly stiff though, and I worried about them possibly chafing (especially my ankles, where the opening kinda sticks out). But after wearing them for a day, they molded to my feet and were really comfy. 

This purchase was another attempt at the oxford-trend. I like them, and Husband liked them, too----at least that's what he said initially. But then when i showed him the Melanee (above) he said, "Yes, those are even better. They look less like bowling shoes." What? LOL. I got these in grey because I thought maybe my oxford-troubles were because of the brown colors I was trying (and also because I saw a J.Crew catalog pic with cropped wool grey pants and grey oxfords. Cute!). These were a reasonable price, and i can always use more flats. Whereas the Melanee had to be broken in, these shoes were comfy right out of the box. But since I'm already keeping the Melanee, do I really need another pair of oxfords?

Husband says he likes the Steve Madden Dessertt, the Gola sneakers, and the Steve Madden Melanee. What about y'all----which ones do you like/dislike?


  1. I like the first pair--the short black boots--the best. I think they're all sorts of versatile: you can wear them with jeans/pants, possibly even tucked in; and you can wear them with skirts. I think the key with skirts would be to layer socks between your tights and the boots. Even chunky black socks with black tights would visually extend the boots upward so there wasn't just a weird blank space between the boots and your skirt hem.

    The rest of the shoes I'm pretty meh on--but that could just be a difference in taste. Let us know what you decide! Always so fun to live vicariously through others' shopping decisions! :)


  2. Hi Beth! Very interesting! I'm so torn about the first pair b/c on the one hand, I've been wearing the Ladells quite often and these are so similar that I know they'd get used. On the other hand, do I really need another so-similar shoe? Ack! I can't decide!

  3. I really like the first ones too! And if you already wear a similar version in black, I'd say you need them! Just this morning, I was thinking how I wear my flat brown boots all the time and I really want some flat black boots too!

    The rest of the shoes are cute, but most of them intimidate me because I don't know how I'd wear them. But if you can already think of ways to make them versatile, go with the ones you like!