Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Canterbury Trousers (Take Two...)

Hello, all!

Unfortunately, I've been nursing some kind of sickness all weekend, and I have been curiously tracking the ebb and flow of my alertness. One minute, I'm running around my house moving furniture and folding laundry, and the next, I'm nestled on the couch with the puppies sleepily watching anything and everything aired on the Investigation Discovery channel.

As far as being sick goes, I've had worse. But I think I must have some kind of ear infection, because my left ear has been hurting, and my balance has been a little off the past few days. In fact, this morning, I walked up to an ATM machine but miscalculated how close I was and ended up hitting my head on the top of the machine. Then I started laughing so hard that I almost fell backwards. Oh, I hope somebody was watching that security tape....

The good news is that I am wearing my wonderful, fabulous, terrific Canterbury Trousers today. I had been stalking these online for a while, and they finally went on sale last week, I think. Product reviewers had very different opinions on whether to size up or down, but since size 10 was available and size 8 wasn't, I had to try the 10. I figured if it didn't fit, I would at least know more about sizing so I could try searching stores without as much risk involved.

Turns out the size 10 works. They're very long; the perfect height for me (I'm about 5"6) when I'm wearing a few inches of heel. The subtle plaid pattern is great. The pants are navy, and the plaid is a mixture of black, red, and pink----but like I said, subtle. The waist is a little loose, but they're comfortable. So comfy in fact that I feel like I'm wearing pajamas! Always a plus. I suppose I could take them to the tailor if I wanted them to be a little more fitted.

My post title is "Canterbury Trousers (Take Two...)" because I actually was going to wear these one day last week. I even got out the front door wearing them, but I bent down to pick up a box of envelopes to put in my car, and ****rip*****. There's a hole in my pants, dear Liza, dear Liza.

I was pretty devastated, but I showed the pants to my mom, and she mended them up (lickety-split!). And now I am in love again. Thank you Mama, for mending my duds. And thank you Anthropologie for selling me these pants.

And thank you ATM company for making your ATM machines out of shock-absorbent materials.

Canterbury Trousers, JCrew perfect-fit T-shirt in rosewood;  LOFT leopard cardigan;
turquoise necklace, gift; Tommy Hilfiger mid-calf boots


  1. I love the leopard sweater on you! I wish the plaid showed up a little more in the photo though- it's not THAT subtle!

  2. I hope you're feeling better! I've got a cough that I can't shake and it's been weeks! Sinus infections/colds are the worst though!

    I bashed my forehead getting into a taxi once with a bunch of co-workers - and this was during my first outing with them, so great first impressions, huh?