Friday, January 28, 2011

I Spy Anthropologie: Wightwick Manor Dress

I think this latest Anthropologie sighting officially makes me an Anthro-dork. (As if that were ever in doubt...)

It's the Wightwick Manor Dress (that I just so happened to wear earlier this week!) in a Bank of America TV commercial. You only get a small glimpse of it behind all the foreground clutter, but the cool retro print and the great shirtdress design that I love so much were sure to catch my eye!


  1. You're getting very good at this! I always see something and go "Oh yeah that's familiar" and then I can't figure out how to figure out the name or I can't figure out how to get a screen shot! Good work!

  2. Oh, sharp eyes, what a great sighting! I love how it's paired with that cognac jacket :) Is it okay if I include this in my Anthro on TV post next week?

  3. Thanks, Kathleen! And yes, Anjali, you can use the pics here anytime! You're always so sweet and courteous about linking to other people's blogs. It is much appreciated! :)