Monday, January 10, 2011

UPDATED: LOFT fitting room reviews (and a rant)

Ugh, I say it every time, but lemme say it again: I am so sick of LOFT's shenanigans.

Their branding shake-up in the past few years has produced some great styling options, yes. But it has also pushed their prices into the stratosphere, ushered in their coupon/discount tomfoolery, and given me the impression that they intentionally keep their Website inventory low to prefabricate demand on certain items.

And yet, here I am again with fitting room reviews, and a bag full of new LOFT purchases sitting in my kitchen. What can I say?

Compared with how much $$$ I used to spend at LOFT, I've definitely cut back in the past few years for both financial reasons and simply on principle. I don't always feel good after I make a LOFT purchase. I'm always left holding my breath, waiting for the next promotion to realize I could have gotten my item for XX amount cheaper. Luckily, on this particular shopping trip, my mom and I gave the store manager the what for when she wouldn't let us use one of our coupons (that clearly said it could be combined with other offers). We eventually insisted on making our purchase in two separate transactions (of course, once WE came up with that idea, then suddenly she was all johnny-helpful, "Oh, of COURSE, we'd be happy to do it in two transactions...." Hmmm...then maybe YOU should have suggested it!). So we got all our items for about 50% off. Great deal, right? Because we all know that LOFT NEVER has 50% off deals (oh, wait...come to think of it....they do...). So as far as I'm concerned, we, the customers, are happy, so LOFT should be happy, too. It's just a shame that they make us feel so guilty for standing up for ourselves.

Anyway, end of rant: onto the reviews...

I bought this top, which I'd been admiring in LOFT's online lookbook for a while. I loved its casual/nautical feel when paired with grey dress pants. In my store, they only had the size small in Navy, and it ended up fitting just fine over a white short-sleeve T-shirt. However, if they had the Medium, I probably would have sized up. The alternating stripes are sheer, which I thought looked really cute. The sleeves are marketed online as "long sleeves," but they are rolled up and buttoned as three-quarter sleeves. I didn't try unbuttoning them. 

Colorblock Top (On sale)
This top is OOS online, but there were tons left in my store's sale section. I didn't even bother listing a sale price, because LOFT's sale promotions change so often, that God only knows how much you may end up paying for this! I tried the size small and medium because I had no idea how this top was going to fit. The picture on the left is the MEDIUM; the picture on the right is the size SMALL. The small seemed to hug my tummy in an unflattering way, but the medium seemed too drapey for my taste. The sage green/grey color combination was pretty, but it just didn't work for me. The bottom is elastic, which I almost always hate (this was no different).

Marisa Spring Wool Trousers ($89.50)
I tried on all my tops with these pants. I gave in and took my ill-fitting grey trousers to Goodwill a few weeks ago, so I'm in the market for some new ones. Here, I tried on the size 10, which sat very low on my hips and as you can see, were way too long. 

Unknown Cardigan ($54.50) Updated 1/12/11: Shibori Stamp Print Cardigan
I don't remember seeing this cardigan online and it wasn't on sale in-store, so I'm going to assume it's a new arrival that hasn't made it to the Web yet. But, boy it's pretty. And reasonably priced, too. I got the Size Medium, which was snug, but fit well. I probably would have tried the Large if it were available to see whether that fit a little better. The color is a pretty teal/green that looked gorgeous with a white T-shirt underneath and grey dress pants. I totally bought this, with very little persuasion needed.

These are the Size 8, which I would use to purchase. They were snug in my waist, but overall a good fit. They were comfortable, but there was nothing special about these. And certainly not for ninety bucks. If I can hold out for a good online promotion, I might get these in the grey, but these weren't anything I had to have. Basically I just want grey pants, not necessarily these grey pants---does that make sense? 

I'm obsessed with the idea of animal prints as neutrals, and was totally bummed that this cardigan was basically OOS online. Imagine my delight when I found this sweater (size large) lurking in the petite sale section. I balked when I saw it still had a regular-price tag of $89.50, but all the petite sweaters were on sale. I checked with the cashier, and she confirmed that the regular sizes were on sale, too. Woohoo! Large was all they had, so again, I probably would have taken the Medium out of habit. But the Large allows me to button up the cardigan with absolutely no pulling in the buttons. My mom initially thought this color washed me out when I tried it with the grey pants, but when I put on my green pants she said she liked it more. She maybe just knew I liked it a lot. :) I got this sweater, too.

This was the outfit I wore to go shopping. Nothing too amazing, but it was cozy!

GAP blue sweater
American Eagle men's plaid flannel shirt, size small (on sale and highly recommended)
Limited necklace
Anthropologie Simply Sketched Pants
Anne Klein Ladell black suede boots


  1. Bravo for telling it like it is at LOFT!

  2. Yeah I tend to find one item I like at Loft, stalk it for months, while they slowly discount it $5 at a time, and then eventually I pounce and pay under $15 for it. I'm Loft's worst enemy! LOL

    I can't tell which you ended up getting, but I like you in all of it!