Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ringing in 2011 with a Resolution

Hello, everyone!

It was nice to have a little break from blogging to recover from the holidays. I had SO much fun seeing all my family and drinking lots of Starbucks holiday drinks, but alas, it's back to the daily grind for me.

Like most people, I've taken the new year as a great built-in marker to re-evaluate my life, my blog, and where I'd like to see myself in the future. I didn't make any concrete resolutions per se, but I have identified a few things I'd like to work on.

For starters, I am going to start wearing my wedding ring. ::pregnant pause::

Yeah, I know, I've been married four years, and why, you may ask, do I not wear my wedding ring? Well, Husband started freaking out about a year ago because I'm very forgetful and he was positive that I was going to lose my engagement ring. So I promised to stop wearing it.

The problem is that my engagement ring was the only anchor keeping on my too-big wedding ring, so then I freaked out that I would lose my wedding ring! So I stopped wearing it. (And after all that, it was HUSBAND who lost his wedding ring and had to get a new one. Ironic, dontcha think?)

Anyway, in the past year we've actually had fun imagining what people are thinking about us.... Even though we go to our local Mexican restaurant almost once a week, they ALWAYS ask if we want separate checks. And I've totally gotten Husband addicted to nightly Starbucks jaunts----do they think we are having a latte affair?

I personally don't think anyone notices whether you're wearing a wedding ring or not, but Husband says men most certainly do. All men except for him, of course---harumph....

So that's my personal "resolution," but you're all probably much more interested in my "clothing" resolution. Like everyone else, I spend too much on clothing and would like to cut back. But not just for monetary reasons. I want to LOVE my clothes. I want to value each piece individually, and remember the story behind it, and the first time I tried it on and swooned.

But it's hard to do that when your closet is growing so quickly that it's invading the rest of your bedroom like a bad case of kudzu.

I recently saw a neat post series at Wardrobe Review, where Shannon evaluated her 2010 purchases month by month. And I loved the idea of pinpointing the pros and cons of purchases, to analyze what worked out and what didn't. And being able to fit all your monthly purchases in a little photo box---so tidy! LOL. So be on the lookout for some kind of evaluation like that from me in the future (and as a result, much fewer purchases!)

On that note, I had a real hard time with the Anthro sale this past Tuesday because several things from my wishlist made it to sale. I finally narrowed it down to three items: the Pointedly Skirt, which I tried on here, the Florist's Arrangement Sweaterdress, which I also tried on there/here, and the Spliced Ikat Shift, which I thought might flatter my rectangular shape.

Unfortunately, the shift dress didn't work out as planned. I loved the length, the band of color at the bottom, the stripes of pink pattern along the sides of the dress to emphasize my hips.... But rather than creating more curves on my figure, it emphasized my thick middle even more. There's a built-in slip that isn't a problem size-wise, but was tight enough that I was aware it existed (not a deal-breaker but nevertheless annoying). Also, there are pockets, but they're not exactly functional because of the form-fitting design of the dress. And they bunched up on the front of my thighs, which was again, annoying.

I love the color and pattern, but it just didn't flatter my figure as I had hoped, and for $80, that's still a pretty penny to pay.

I hate to leave you on a bad note, so instead I will tell you about a recent wonderful customer service experience at Anthropologie. I had held off on buying the Florist's Arrangement Sweaterdress but knew I would cave if it got a second cut----well it did! But it sold out online before I could snatch it up. I called customer service and they found a couple left in stores. I was too lazy to call stores myself, so they offered to call for me.

Well, boo, but I got an e-mail yesterday morning saying they couldn't locate the item. I was sad, but hey, it's $49.95 back in my bank account! But this afternoon, I got a phone call with a strange number from a Colorado area code so I didn't answer it----am I the only person left in the world who screens her calls? Anyway, they left a message, and guess what! It was from a sales associate at a Colorado Anthropologie who had found my dress!

I immediately called her back----well....actually..... "immediately" after I checked the Anthro website to confirm the store's phone number and make sure I wasn't going to give my credit card number to a random stranger, lol----and now, she is shipping it to me ASAP.

Anthro?----I think I love you. ( if it were ever in doubt....)

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  1. Yay cant' wait to see your new finds. And I'm glad you went with the Pointedly Skirt. You looked so cute in it!