Sunday, January 30, 2011

SAG Awards 2011: My Favorites

I don't know about you, but I've had a very lazy weekend. And what better way to wrap up a lazy weekend than to lie in bed watching a bunch of beautiful people dress up and clap feverishly as they hand each other awards?

Well, honestly, I'm only watching a few minutes of the show while I'm blogging here just in case I say below that I *love* some dress that actually looks horrendous in person. (Or the opposite, as in the case of Melissa Leo's silver dress that was quite pretty in the TV broadcast, but whose shiny material and fitted silhouette photographed pretty poorly around her tummy area.)

Anyway, I was pretty impressed with the SAG Awards's offering of evening wear. Although there were a few of the usual suspects wearing boring dresses.... (Wow, ladies, how DO you look so pretty with long, wavy hair and a beige-colored gown with cleavage---incredible!) For the most part, I saw lots of creative embellishments, bright colors, and interesting construction.

I thought Jayma Mays looked quite arresting in her peach(?) dress, but I can't decide if it's just her fresh makeup and gorgeous hair that I liked. I also liked the delicate red flowers of Tina Fey's strapless dress. Unfortunately, both of them made it on the LA Times' 10 Worst Dressed List. Lame!

I also thought Helena Bonham Carter looked very romantic with her simple black/white dress and large curls, but that may just be because I'm so used to seeing her wearing wacky shizz. :) And I'm still on the fence about Mila Kunis---she looked stunning in her red-drenched gown, but it also kinda freaked me out a little---because you know, it was a red-drenched gown.

The three below are my favorite. What were your favorites?

Julie Bowen
Am I just biased because I've been watching so much Boston Legal lately? Or I am just biased because I've decided to fully embrace my love of menswear-inspired clothing? Meh. Who cares if I'm biased! I think Julie Bowen looks absolutely stunning, and effortless to boot. Classy and real. My #1 Favorite of the Night, for sure!

Claire Danes
Another stunner from Claire Danes. She really knows how to rock the strapless dress. Normally I would scoff at the boring silhouette, but I love the texture and colors of the print. And the belt adds an interesting, more casual feel to the dress. All in all: another effortless masterpiece.

January Jones
I've never seen Mad Men, so I can confidently say that I am not all biased when it comes to January Jones. She's gotten a lot of flack for some of her recent fashion choices, but I really respect her willingness to be inventive and unabashedly modern. Personally, I think this dress is absolutely stunning. I already saw it on at least one Worst Dressed List, but you know what I say to that: LAME! It's a gorgeous silhouette with a luscious print. Bravo, January.

*all pictures from more here.

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  1. I didn't watch a minute of the SAG awards or the red carpet. Or the Golden Globes from a few weeks ago. I'm a bad fashionista, I guess.

    BUT I think Tina Fey looked amazing because 1) she's awesome and always looks amazing and someday we'll be BFFs and talk about how amazing we are together and 2) she didn't wear black! She looked so pretty in that red and the rouching and flowers and knick-knacks just make me love it even more! Yay!