Monday, February 14, 2011

Boden Remix: Laidback Denim Shirt

Happy Valentine's Day, readers! Husband and I will be celebrating on Tuesday night instead of today to avoid the crowds. I will be sure to post our dinner details, which are always international and always enjoyable. In the meantime, I thought I'd share an outfit I wore out a few days ago!

As part of my first order from Boden a few months back, I got their laidback shirt in pale denim. I got a size 8, and it's snug. If I had it to do over again, I would size up to a 10. But I was too lazy to return it at the time and figured I would make it work. The problem was that I bought it mainly to recreate this awesome look from their Website and catalog (below). And that requires it to fit over a SECOND button-up shirt. Quite a challenge.

Luckily, I had an old, short-sleeve, white shirt from Express (because there is no way I could get long sleeves under this shirt!). Seeing the product picture again, I realize that she has a few buttons undone at the bottom of her shirt, a look that I may or may not want to replicate. It would either look cool and "laidback"...or it would just look like my big old belly burst the buttons off my shirt...

Regardless, I felt very comfortable and put-together in this outfit. I even added to the outfit my Boden crossbody bag (the same bag worn by the model). But mine is the plain brown leather, and hers is the super-cute leopard print. I wore this outfit to go shopping, which ended up being a pain with all the layers coming on and off (minus), but I was also warm enough that I didn't need to wear a coat (plus).

I never would have thought to layer two collared shirts over each other, but I hope to play around with this look more often! Boden generally has offers for free shipping and returns, which makes me more willing to purchase more, even though I'm still wary about their sizing.

Right now, I have a few basics in my shopping cart at Boden: the Brittany Jumper and the Fab Plimsolls. I plan on getting the size 10 in the shirt, just in case, even though I'm thinking the style would be more forgiving. And I want the size 40 in the shoes, which translates to my regular U.S. size 9. I will keep you posted with how the sizing fares once I pull the trigger! :)


  1. You nailed the totally casual pulled-together look! Wait- you went shopping without me?

  2. Cute! I need some casual looks like that. I got the new Boden catalog and everything is so cute, but the sizing scares me! Jeepers, if you're in a 10, I'm going to need like a 40!