Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Spy Brent Spiner!

If you follow my sister's blog Princess of Taylor (which you probably do!), then you have seen some of her very thought-provoking posts about Data of Star Trek: The Next Generation. 

And if you haven't seen them, then get crackin'! You can click here for a Brent Spiner birthday post, here for some Star Trek movie analysis, and here for a really good discussion about celebrities and how they handle fans. Now scoot!

But wait! Before you scoot, instead of my occasional "I Spy Anthropologie" post, the other day I was excited to spy ----you guessed it, BRENT SPINER!

I was watching the old, spooky TV show Tales from the Darkside, and all of a sudden a familiar face popped up on the screen. It's funny, though, because I wasn't even sure it was Spiner at first! He played a very Southern preacher with a heavy accent and an emotional plea to "Grandpa" that he is dead and should start acting like it! Very not-Data-like at all.

The episode ("A Case of the Stubborns") was from 1984 ---- three years before the character of Data was created ---- which made me wonder if perhaps a celebrity's "inability" to move past a role is somewhat self-imposed? Maybe an actor gets so used to playing a character, or after realizing that a certain type of acting worked for him in the past, he's unable to act without channeling that character or its idiosyncrasies. It almost becomes second nature to them. Then again....maybe he's just super young here and not wearing android-white makeup!

Just a thought. Anyway, you all lucked out because not only did my screenshot capture Brent Spiner, but it also shows a youthful Christian Slater and a decaying Eddie Bracken (later known as the toy store owner Mr. Duncan in Home Alone 2!) If that doesn't make you want to watch Tales from the Darkside, I don't know what will!

P.S. I just showed my husband this picture to see if he could identify any of the actors. Dear readers, I'd like you to meet Josh Hartnett (OK, passable), The Rock (????) no wait, Andy Kaufman (still a ????), and Grandpa Muenster (LOL).


  1. Haha, its only thanks to Kathleen that I actually know Brent Spiner's name (I was perfectly content referring to him as Data for most of my life ;)) but after all her posts about him recently, I admit I was really excited to see your post title in my reader! That is a pretty great sighting; he looks so young and innocent! And oh my, speaking of young and innocent -- Christian Slater. He looks like a baby!

  2. Oh my gosh! That's so funny! And totally random since last night I randomly had the channel on Chiller and Husband was like, "Why are you watching Tales from the Darkside?" I guess now I have a reason! LOL

    And I just busted out laughing at your Husband's identification of actors. Too funny! I can't believe so many people are in that one scene! That casting director was pretty good! LOL

  3. I'm glad y'all like it! seriously, when I saw him on the TV screen I got almost as excited as when I see Anthro! LOL. Kathleen you seriously have turned us all into Data monsters. :)

  4. I think he looks a little like Nicolas Cage in this screen shot...

  5. OK, yeah, I can kinda see ol Nicholas. Poor Brent missed his calling. He could have been the next action hero instead of an android! lol.