Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My January 2011 Purchases

Well, January is finally over! I felt like I did *SO* good on my shopping this month, but I still got way too much, didn't I? The truth is that I went to the mall on the 29th and bought six of these items, sooooo....::sheepish grin:: On sale, people! ON SALE! :)

Overall, it helped pass the time that I had several shopping fiascos this month, including a rip in my new Canterbury Trousers and a charge-send for my Florist's Arrangement Sweaterdress that was almost all charge, and no send! Also, I ended up buying the Pointedly Skirt---twice. And apparently I'm a dumbbell and tried on the 12 in the store (and thought afterwards that it was the 8). So neither the 8 nor 10 fit at all---go figure! I kind of got over the skirt in the meantime, but I'm still bummed about all the dough I lost in shipping costs.

This month, I ended up getting quite a few neutrals---navys, and greys, and whites---which is a new goal I've latched onto. And I think it will serve me well as I try to build a "working wardrobe." I'm weary from trying to match all the crazy patterns in my closet, and I think the right neutrals will help tie them all together. Here's a breakdown of my purchases:

MENSWEAR: That's right. All four buttoned-down shirts I bought this month are cut for men. The two plaid flannel shirts are American Eagle, and I absolutely live in them. Fantastic purchase. The white and navy dress shirts are from Gap, and I think these will be great staples for work, and will be very versatile under all my colored cardigans. The American Eagle watch is technically a women's watch, I think, but I picked it mostly for its austere, men's quality.

CARDIGANS: At the end of the day, I love the ease of blouses topped with cardigans. Granted, as I get older, I run the risk of looking like every-other-preppy-mommy-on-the-go (without the little Square Root, of course). But, oh well. Maybe we're not all born to be fashionistas after all.... I loved the leopard and diamond patterns of these LOFT cardigans. They'd even be a great pop of pattern underneath a blazer, I think! And I have high hopes for the cropped grey topper (also from LOFT), that I envision wearing over longer tunic-style shirts, and maybe even with my black maxi skirt! I felt a little guilty after I purchased the navy cardigan because it's so basic, but it's a great length, very comfortable, and a nice neutral to top over almost anything.

DRESS PANTS: I've already worn both my navy/plaid and grey pants several times. I know pants can be more difficult to style and to find the perfect fit with, but I still ultimately prefer them to skirts and dresses. I'm still contemplating taking these both to the tailor and getting them altered to be jusssst right. But I admit it: I'm chicken. And I'm cheap. I just have to be careful not to squat too unladylike or I'll split my pants again, for sure!

I think all of these purchases fit into my true aesthetic, and I've already worn most of them at least once. I haven't yet tried on my sweaterdress because after all the trouble it took to get it...I'm afraid I'll have another Pointedly disaster! All in all, I think I made very thoughtful choices, but still could be less impulsive. On that note, I've already got my shopping cart at J.Crew sitting and waiting for me to pull the trigger! ::heh, heh::

February shopping----here I come!


  1. Ha I bought six things on Jan. 29 too after buying nothing else all month! LOL

    Too bad about the Pointendly Skirt and that's so weird that you actually had a 12 on! Now I don't feel bad about the 14 looking so weird on me. It's clearly sized weird!

    I like all the basics you bought - I'm exactly the opposite. I have all the "basic" stuff and now am looking for a little pizaz to mix in with it!

    Good job!

  2. That Pointedly Skirt is just wrong. I couldn't even zip my normal size up. I tried on two sizes up and it was falling down. If it takes that much effort it's a pass!