Monday, February 7, 2011

Tips for Styling Maxi Skirts in Colder Seasons

A few months ago, I impulsively bought the Tumbler Maxi Skirt in black. I figured that a long skirt is perfect for a person like me who shies away from showing too much leg. Also, it's a little dressier than just wearing pants all the time. When it arrived and I tried it on, I really liked it, yes, but I wasn't quite sure how to style it.

Then, it went on sale and I got a price adjustment to about $40 so.....let's just say that I was determined to make this work.

I pulled the skirt out of my closet to wear the other day, but ultimately gave up and hung it back up because I couldn't figure out what shoes to wear! Sure, in the summer, you can just wear some open-toed sandals or wedges, but when it's cold out, my toesies might not be so keen on that idea.

So like any good blogger, I took to the Internet. And apparently I'm not alone with the whole shoe-pairing question. The following is what I learned about my own preferences for maxi styling. I hope it also may help you!

1. I like the look of same-color shoes (for my purposes, black shoes with a black maxi skirt) or maybe cognac shoes for contrast. I like the look of "tough" shoes, combat-type flat boots or less-tough boots with a little height, but I don't want to look "too" urban. Maybe a lace-up wedge like my new Steve Maddens?
Free People Tencil Rib Maxi Dress
Free People Maxi Scoop Long Sleeve Dress

2. Playing with the skirt length is required. I like the look of to-the-floor skirts where your shoe doesn't even matter because it looks so flowy and bohemian. But I also like the look of ankle-length skirts that show off your shoes. What looks best on me will probably depend on my body shape and height. Lucky for me, my maxi skirt has a foldover style so I can either wear it as a tube dress or fold the waist over and adjust the length.

3. Keep it simple and think about proportions. I like the looks most with neutral colors and simple shapes/proportions. My favorite is this Michael Kors one---so classy, right? But I also like the look of a striped casual top and a cropped vest with a long skirt. It seems to work great with both casual and more formal looks.

Michael Kors Fall 2010 runway

Rachel Pally Skinny Long Skirt at Shopbop

4. Which also segues into the matter of belts. I like the look of emphasizing the waist with a wide belt, whether it be under or over another layer. I also think the idea of a hip-slung belt (though a little more hippie-chic than I'm used to) would be a great way to elongate my stumpy torso and fake some good proportions. :)

Elizabeth and James Taylor Long Skirt at Saks Fifth Avenue

Anthropologie Irresistible Maxi Dress

5. Long necklaces seem to elongate the body to keep the skirt-wearer from looking "stumpy." I'm of average height so every little would help, right?

Piperlime Promo Pic

With that said, after all my research, I finally decided the brave the world with my new skirt. And I'm pretty happy about my look! I don't own a hip-slung belt so I had to improvise with a Gap jeans belt that I purchased in a Large. All in all, I'm loving the proportions, and the LOFT grey topper I bought has met all my expectations and even exceeded them!
Tumbler Maxi Skirt, Gap leather belt, My grandma's hand-me-down necklace,
JCrew black turtleneck, LOFT grey melange cropped drape jacket 

Here are some more good links if you're interested in finding further information about styling, the trend itself, or helpful images:

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  1. Cute! All the ladies I work with wear long skirts, but the way they style them just comes across so matronly. Blech! I like what you did here - very stylish!