Saturday, February 26, 2011

Valentine's Day Dinner

Yeah, right, I know. Who writes a Valentine's Day post on February 26? I do---that's who!

Truth is, we kept everything pretty low-key. On the "real" February 14, Husband took me to Starbucks and reloaded my rewards card as a gift. Thanks, baby! Then, on the "fake" February 14 (um....that is to say....February 15....), we made reservations at a Japanese steakhouse we'd never tried before.

Unfortunately, I didn't realize until we were in the car and on our way, that it was basically one of those places where you sit around a table with strangers and watch the chef cook on the grill in front of you. Yick!

That's right. I'm not a big fan. Husband was actually surprised because we love bus tours and ghost tours and ...hibachi tours? Apparently, he thought that a chef "guiding" us through dinner was right up my alley. And the funny thing is that I'm the one who suggested this restaurant. I have attended several parties in my life at a similar-type Japanese restaurant---heck, I think I might have even had MY OWN birthday party at one of those places once. But it's one thing to have a group of people you know sitting at the table. In our case, our romantic Valentine's dinner turned into us sitting on the corner of a table, staring at a woman and her three kids. SMOOCH!

Luckily, we made it through the night without too much incident. The food was delicious, the chef was very understanding of our social awkwardness, and it was one of the kid's birthdays, which took most of the heat off us to be entertaining. I guess the main reason I don't like these type settings is that I feel realllllly bad for the chef because I feel like such a dud customer. I mean, I laugh at his jokes, but I'm not very outgoing or fun. Husband is the same way. That's why we wuv each other. :)

Anyway, the morning after our dinner, Husband explained to me that I shouldn't feel bad for the chef anymore because he realized that we actually gave him a 50% tip. Yeah. That's right. FIFTY percent. Apparently, the 18% gratuity they automatically applied (and that was pointed out in the menu) was NOT just for parties of 8 or more, which is what I assumed. Then, they didn't give us an itemized breakdown with the bill, and we were so flustered to get the heckola out of there, that we gave an additional 15 bucks.

So, Happy Valentine's Day, hibachi chef! I hope that our ridiculously huge tip will cloud your memory as to our fuddy-duddiness.

Martin & Osa purple rococo long cardigan, Limited criss-cross brown belt,
Anthropologie Night Blooming dress, HUE black tights, Seychelles Kiss at Midnight pumps

Today there is an Empty Nest marathon on TV so Husband and I are taping the entire day's worth of episodes to replay without commercials. I've never seen it before, but Husband liked it as a kid. And apparently it's a spin-off of The Golden Girls (or vice versa? we can't decide), and we watch that every night before bedtime. 

Tomorrow, Husband wants to have a Godfather marathon and make spaghetti and drink lattes. (OK, the drinking lattes part might have been my contribution...) 

Did I mention anything about our being fuddy-duddies, yet? 


  1. That's crazy that they added the tip for everyone! I guess you can just tell yourselves that your extra tip went to the hostess and waitress and the chef got his full 18%.

    Empty Nest is a spin off of Golden Girls. There are a few Golden Girls episodes that bring in the two sisters and the Robert Mulligan character is a frequently recurring pediatrician that lives in the neighborhood (he owns Dryfus the dog). I've never seen that show either so I'll be interested to hear if you like it! Have fun!

  2. We do like Empty Nest so far! Blanche just came on as a guest star and Dryfus is so cute! That makes sense about the spinoff, I guess now that I think about it I can remember Golden Girls episodes with the cop sister and the neurotic sister.