Friday, March 25, 2011

I Spy Anthropologie: Potpourri Edition

Hi, everyone. Long time, no see!

I've been super busy, so please excuse the lack of posts. I just have time for a quick post tonight to give you a backlog of Anthropologie sightings I've been hoarding. Enjoy!

1. Spliced Ikat Shift in an Edible Arrangements TV ad

(Too bad this shift dress didn't look this good on me!)

2. Liquid Bouquet Tank in a Honda Odyssey Magazine Ad

(I originally saw this in one of my old InStyle magazines, but eventually took this picture from
an old Redbook while visiting my grandmother........I've got my finger on the pulse, baby...
No, really. That's my finger right there....on the pulse....see it?)

3. Cockatoo Feather Dress worn by Kate Walsh 
in the InStyle Look of the Day (March 14, 2011)

I am in love with this dress. I am not, however, in the love with the $498 price tag. Yikes!

And as always, remember to check out Anjali's great blog, goldenmeans, for even MORE great Anthro sightings!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My February 2011 Purchases

What, you ask----this is it?

Yep, I was quite frugal during the month of February, mostly due to financial reasons. There's something eye-opening about standing at the front door, counting out quarters, to pay the Girl Scout who is holding your Thin Mints hostage.

Oh, you guys.... I didn't *actually* do that.

I made Husband do it.

heh, heh.

But I did have to shake the beejeez out of my Cabbage Patch doll piggy bank to get said quarters, so that alone was traumatic enough to scare me into shopping-restrictive submission.

It was really tough, I admit it. And a few times I almost caved and made some huge purchases, but now that the month's over, I do feel proud and ... somewhat liberated. It feels good to overcome materialism, and I'm able to focus on appreciating what I have.

Of course, I say all this, and a new month is starting, and who knows how long my willpower will last. But I can only hope that my good habits will continue. Wish me luck!


Zoetrope Cardigan (Anthropologie): When I added the Zoetrope Cardigan to my wishlist several months ago, no way did I think it would ever make it to my doorstep. At $238, it was nowhere near my budget. Enter Cut #1 to $120. Still too pricey but I kept tabs on it just in case. And, voila! Enter Cut #2 to $60. Much more palatable for my wallet. I got the Size Medium, and truth is, I like this sweater, but I'm still not sure if I am keeping it. The sleeves are very tight, so I could only wear a sleeveless/short-sleeve thin layer underneath. Since it's currently so cold out and this sweater is pretty thin, I'd like to wear a third layer over the cardigan (like in the Anthro styling pic below), but I don't currently have anything that fits the bill. I'm afraid that on its own, it's a little too wacky in-your-face. It sorta needs a layer on top to tone it down (even though it would cover up the thick black/white stripe pattern on the back of the cardigan).

Fab Plimsolls (Boden): Both J.Crew and Boden have been churning out catalog styling pics with grey sneaks and dress pants, and I've been dying to try it out myself. I've been on a shoe shopping ban since January 1, but this was the perfect pair to break my ban for. I'll get a lot of wear out of these, and the details are marvelous: the metallic toe cap, the denim body, the ribbon laces. I am normally a size 9 US, so I got a size 40, which fit perfectly. I do think the "Boden" label is a bit ostentatious on the back of the shoe, but I doubt anyone will really notice.

Brittany Jumper (Boden): I have been pining over this top for a while now, but I was worried about sizing. My only previous clothing purchase from Boden was the denim laidback shirt, which I got in a size 8, but it a little tight. So this time, I sized up to a 10 (just in case). It fits perfectly for me (a little loose and comfortable). It's very thin and see-through, otherwise I would say I could have gotten my regular size 8. As it is, I think an 8 would have emphasized my tummy. Even with the size 10, I'll probably wear a white or nude camisole underneath to tuck everything in. I love the light grey color though and the soft fabric, and can't wait to use it with some fun pattern mixing.

Nike Dri-FIT id Women's Training T-shirt: I bought three of these shirts for working out. And I love them. They're semi-fitted, so you don't look sloppy even though you're comfortable. Sometimes I just get sick of wearing revealing tank tops, so this is a nice change of pace for those days when I'm not trying to be a fashion-plate. Truth is, these shirts are so great that I am considering buying more: to sleep in and even to wear out in the real world. Great purchase. (For comparison's sake, I purchased one Nike Pro Combat Core Women's Training T-shirt, hated it, and returned it. It was way fitted, and accentuated my big tummy problem area.)