Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My February 2011 Purchases

What, you ask----this is it?

Yep, I was quite frugal during the month of February, mostly due to financial reasons. There's something eye-opening about standing at the front door, counting out quarters, to pay the Girl Scout who is holding your Thin Mints hostage.

Oh, you guys.... I didn't *actually* do that.

I made Husband do it.

heh, heh.

But I did have to shake the beejeez out of my Cabbage Patch doll piggy bank to get said quarters, so that alone was traumatic enough to scare me into shopping-restrictive submission.

It was really tough, I admit it. And a few times I almost caved and made some huge purchases, but now that the month's over, I do feel proud and ... somewhat liberated. It feels good to overcome materialism, and I'm able to focus on appreciating what I have.

Of course, I say all this, and a new month is starting, and who knows how long my willpower will last. But I can only hope that my good habits will continue. Wish me luck!


Zoetrope Cardigan (Anthropologie): When I added the Zoetrope Cardigan to my wishlist several months ago, no way did I think it would ever make it to my doorstep. At $238, it was nowhere near my budget. Enter Cut #1 to $120. Still too pricey but I kept tabs on it just in case. And, voila! Enter Cut #2 to $60. Much more palatable for my wallet. I got the Size Medium, and truth is, I like this sweater, but I'm still not sure if I am keeping it. The sleeves are very tight, so I could only wear a sleeveless/short-sleeve thin layer underneath. Since it's currently so cold out and this sweater is pretty thin, I'd like to wear a third layer over the cardigan (like in the Anthro styling pic below), but I don't currently have anything that fits the bill. I'm afraid that on its own, it's a little too wacky in-your-face. It sorta needs a layer on top to tone it down (even though it would cover up the thick black/white stripe pattern on the back of the cardigan).

Fab Plimsolls (Boden): Both J.Crew and Boden have been churning out catalog styling pics with grey sneaks and dress pants, and I've been dying to try it out myself. I've been on a shoe shopping ban since January 1, but this was the perfect pair to break my ban for. I'll get a lot of wear out of these, and the details are marvelous: the metallic toe cap, the denim body, the ribbon laces. I am normally a size 9 US, so I got a size 40, which fit perfectly. I do think the "Boden" label is a bit ostentatious on the back of the shoe, but I doubt anyone will really notice.

Brittany Jumper (Boden): I have been pining over this top for a while now, but I was worried about sizing. My only previous clothing purchase from Boden was the denim laidback shirt, which I got in a size 8, but it a little tight. So this time, I sized up to a 10 (just in case). It fits perfectly for me (a little loose and comfortable). It's very thin and see-through, otherwise I would say I could have gotten my regular size 8. As it is, I think an 8 would have emphasized my tummy. Even with the size 10, I'll probably wear a white or nude camisole underneath to tuck everything in. I love the light grey color though and the soft fabric, and can't wait to use it with some fun pattern mixing.

Nike Dri-FIT id Women's Training T-shirt: I bought three of these shirts for working out. And I love them. They're semi-fitted, so you don't look sloppy even though you're comfortable. Sometimes I just get sick of wearing revealing tank tops, so this is a nice change of pace for those days when I'm not trying to be a fashion-plate. Truth is, these shirts are so great that I am considering buying more: to sleep in and even to wear out in the real world. Great purchase. (For comparison's sake, I purchased one Nike Pro Combat Core Women's Training T-shirt, hated it, and returned it. It was way fitted, and accentuated my big tummy problem area.)


  1. Haha we've done something similar. I remember once we had to pay the AAA guy with a check for a gallon of gas because we couldn't come up with $2. And I'm pretty sure there was one occasion when I ransacked my laundry room piggy bank so we could deposit $ into our checking account and avoid an overdraft charge! LOL

    I'm in love with those Nike dry fit tops. Aren't they great? I have a few but they are OLD. Maybe I'll look for some new ones today! :)

  2. Time to do some shopping in March!