Thursday, May 5, 2011

I Spy Anthropologie: Sable Trimmed Cardi

Good morning, blogger world!

Just a quick post before I head off to work. I figure I really need to get my blogger act together because right now The Square Root of Style has been so neglected that it has accidentally become the premier Internet spot to find pictures of sugar bears. I kid you not. I get about twenty hits a day from people Googling "sugar bear pictures." All because of this year-old post. This is my service to the world!

Alack, alack, for though I love sugar bears, I also love fashion. So here's a sighting of Anthropologie that I found on People Style Watch's Website. Click here to see the picture flourishing in its natural habitat.

It's Dianna Agron in Sparrow's Sable Trimmed Cardi. Anthropologie is marketing it as a beach cover-up, but how cute is it as a relaxed "airport-style" cardigan? I have an old Loft purple, leopard-print scarf just like hers, so, of course, it only makes sense for me to purchase this flowy topper. Right?

Of course, right.

Sable Trimmed Cardi ($118)

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  1. I love the way she styled it! Too funny about sugar bear- "Someone Saved My Life Tonight!"