Saturday, May 7, 2011

My April 2011 Purchases (aka Baby Did a Bad, Bad Thing)

Oh, Suzanne....You were doing so well! Remember February? When you only ordered some sweaters and a couple of workout tees???

Sigh..... Yes, I did a very bad, bad thing in April. I discovered Talbots. I have heard tell about Talbots' recent attempts to modernize their clothing, but I had no clue what they even were so I didn't really care at the time.

And then, I got a coupon in the mail. And then realized that we actually HAVE a Talbots store in the area. And it's been downhill ever since. I love everything! I love all the pretty work clothes for a kind of job I don't actually have yet. But someday, I will be the best dressed person in that TBD office.

BABY'S GOT THE BLUES: One particular thing I prided myself on in April, was that I carefully considered my color options. I love blue. I have always loved blue. But I see magazine articles and Website images of svelte models wearing neutral, neutral, neutral, and I say, "I want to be that!" In particular, I love the idea of wearing a pretty floral skirt with a slouchy tan sweater belted on top. CUTE!

Well, sometimes, we just have to recognize that we can't buy into every single trend. Because no matter how much I want to embrace spring's neutral craze, I just don't look good in creams or white. I'm very pale with less-than-pristine skin, and I need rich colors around my face. My eyes are blue, and so I like the look of blue tops to bring out my eyes.

Along those lines, I purchased the Temperate Climes Pullover (size Medium), which is a GORGEOUS blue color. It's very comfortable, albeit a little short. But over dresses, or high-waisted pants or skirts, it will be just beautiful. I also got the Floating Clef Earrings in blue, which I thought might be a nice accessory to bring out my eyes (even if I'm wearing neutrals on top). Totally frivolous. They're a very pretty blue but they're very dangly/long, and for a person like me who rarely even wears studs, I'm not sure that I will ever reach for these except for special occasions.

TALL ORDER AT TALBOTS: I also got two dresses from Talbots: the Bardot dress (size 8) and the Chiffon shirtdress in French teal (size 8). Both of these dresses are absolutely gorgeous. The Bardot dress is fitted up top with cap sleeves, and flares out beautifully which fakes me some curves. I bought the Crossroads Belt at Anthro (size L) specifically to pair with the Bardot. The neutral version is almost a flesh-colored tone with pink threading. Up-close, it's a bit frightening, but I think from far away it looks much more demure. The Chiffon shirtdress is a stunning teal color with an easy fit. It flows beautifully, although the teal belt that came with it is about 3 sizes too small for my thick waist.

Also from Talbots, I got a pair of grey Cross-Dyed shorts (size 10), Amelie Floral skirt in blue (size 8), and the daisy lace pencil skirt in white (size 10). All of which I plan to wear with my new blue pullover from Anthro! And I think J.Crew's gingham vintage schoolboy shirt in light mist (size 8) will also go great under the pullover. (I'm wearing this shirt as I type; I've worn it twice in the past week since I got it. I love it! A little pulling in the bust, and my third button down has popped open quite scandalously a few times, but I love the style and the color.)

WISHLIST FULFILLMENT: And lastly, I bought the Pond Reflections dress (size 8), which I've been hoping to hit sale for quite some time. I tried it on in a store a few months ago, and I loved the length, the floral pattern, and the easy-to-wear vibe. What I don't love is the top half---it requires a strapless bra or none at all, because it criss crosses in the back and the straps in the front come in almost like a halter top. However, I plan to wear this as more of a skirt anyway, with sweaters and T-shirts layered over the top.

Alright, that does it for April, folks. Your job is to slap me on the hand whenever you telepathically sense that I am going to try to purchase something. (Which is kind of all the time...) It's a tough job, but someone has to do it!


  1. oh, I hear ya! It`s funny sometimes too how you think you`re being good and then suddenly you realize you most definitely aren`t! The little sale things definitely add up, which is why I`m just staying AWAY from most temptations right now. A couple of select things could go on sale at anthropologie, and some thrifting but that`s it (besides the $$$ boots I was seduced into purchasing yesterday!)

    I adore the lace skirt- it`s just beautiful and Marni-esque- these are all classic, classy pieces that go together!

  2. Yay you may have spent a lot but these are all classic pieces that you can wear forever! Yay!