Sunday, May 1, 2011

My March 2011 Purchases

Hello, everybody. Long time, no see. I've been MIA, and now I'm a month behind on my monthly clothes purchase updates. Oops! Turns out I also went hog-wild shopping in March and April----coincidence? I think not.


A.) Because it's actually embarrassing to publish my purchases. The more I buy, and the bigger my "rectangle of images" gets, the more I realize how addicted I am to accumulating "stuff." Knowing I have to share my purchases at the end of the month actually curbs my spending impulses.

B.) Because seeing what I've bought recently, helps me keep track of what I already have in my closet, and whether my new "must-haves" would really fit into my aesthetic, or if I already have a similar item that can serve the same purpose.

C.) Because I'm a little bit obsessive-compulsive, and "tracking" my monthly purchases actually satisfies the same craving I have for purchasing those things. So instead of buying, I spend my time editing a "Purchases" image and a "Wish List" image in Microsoft Paint.

Anyway, I went crazy in March and April, so expect to see some major editing in May. Summer weather is almost upon us, and I don't expect to like many things anyway. Cross your fingers!

MARCH 2011

OFF-SEASON DEALS: Most of the items I bought this month have been on my wishlist at Anthropologie for quite a while. Evident in their complete inappropriateness for impending spring. :) But don't those fall colors look gorgeous together? Deep wine. Mustard yellow. Reddish-clay brown.

I love the Eastpointe Garden Top (size 6), and I'm already plotting to buy its Spring version, the Loosened Shelby Blouse, in the floral motif!

The Theodora jacket is great. I got it in a size 8, and the color is unlike anything else in my closet (very true to the product pic IMO). I will be able to fit thicker layers under the size 8 and be comfortable. Unfortunately, the jacket is also quite heavy, and thus will probably be hanging in my closet until fall when the weather is colder!

The bummer is that I went to wear these three items together several weeks ago....and found the anti-theft tag still on my sweater. DOH! I called the Anthropologie store and shipped it back for them to remove the item. Not only did they refund my shipping cost, but they gave me an extra 10% off the purchase. Anthropologie, I love you....

NEUTRALS AND BASICS: I bought these Pleats Galore Pants at Anthropologie with absolutely no expectations. I mean, what CAN you expect for $19.95? Turns out, I really like them! The Size 8 fit well (one size down from my regular pant size), and the pleats don't seem to add as much bulk around my hips as I had thought they would. My only fear is that, being black, they'll attract fuzz and puppy hair.

The black tunic (Facile Camp Shirt) I also got in size 8, and it pulls a little around the bust, but not too badly. It came with loop threads on the sides for the cloth belt, but I snipped them off so I could wear the shirt tucked in without the belt (otherwise, the loops stuck out quite noticeably.) I wore this shirt to an interview, tucked into a vibrant turquoise pencil skirt and felt very comfortable and confident in it. I've since also worn it untucked over jeans (without the belt).

The khaki bow skirt I saw/tried on in a White House Black Market store and kept wavering between the size 8 and the size 6. I ended up not getting it, and of course, found out later that it was pretty much OOS online. Oof. I later got a coupon in the mail for $25 off $125 so I called the store and ordered the skirt and some jeans I had tried on. The jeans are my new everyday go-to. They're a size 10, PLUS they're very stretchy, so they are flattering but don't give me a muffin top. :) They are called The Favorite Blanc jean, and I highly recommend them.

SPRING SPLURGE: This Talbots Amour Floral dress doesn't look near as slinky on me as it does on the model. But I did have a horrible time finding the right size. The bottom fit on all the sizes I tried, but the V was way too low/scandalous. I went from Size 8. To Size 6. To Size 8 Petite. To Size 10 Petite. I ended up sticking with the 10 Petite because the waist was slightly higher, making the V higher. I'll still probably need to wear a little lacy camisole underneath it though. I love the gathering at the hip, which drapes beautifully and hides my tummy. It's only available in a neutral color online now, but try your store for the gorgeous coral color pictured!


  1. Hurray! You are back! And hurray for March purchases- very nice; you must have a lot of patience to wait until you can wear some of these in the fall :-)

  2. Yay everything is cute! You'll have to change your April post to "April Acquisitions" and show all the pretty hand-me-downs from your awesome sister! :)

  3. Ooh, an April Acquisitions post is a good idea!!! hahaha